Do you need a stand to hunt deer?

Is it better to hunt in a stand or on the ground?


A well-placed tree stand isn’t always available or even the best option when going head-to-head with a mature buck. … In the end, hunting with both feet on the ground can give you more and better options than you’d find in a tree.

Is a tree stand necessary?

There’s only one thing for certain about deer hunting: If you’re not out in the woods or fields hunting, there’s no way you are going to bag a buck. That’s why a comfortable tree stand is so important to deer hunting success. If your stand is a literal pain in the butt, you’re far more likely to head to camp early.

Can you kill deer from the ground?

Deer hunting from the ground enables you to hunt a new location every day, which impedes deer from patterning your movements. I usually have my best success encountering mature bucks when I hunt a location for the first time, whether it’s from the ground or a tree.

Can you sit on the ground and hunt?

Hunting from the Ground: No Movement Allowed

They know this is where most of their predators live. Deer watch the ground very closely. One of the best hunting tips I can offer is to stay motionless when on the ground. It’s also a fairly good idea when you’re up in a tree, but not as big of a deal.

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Can I hunt without a blind?

It has been the preferred method of bowhunters for quite some time and will probably remain that way. … Many of you reading this may think I am nuts, because hunting from the ground without a blind can be (and most of the time is) extremely difficult, but achieving success from the ground is possible.

How still do you have to be in a tree stand?

Being 20 or more feet up in a tree is something you get used to. That said, the average stand height is closer to 15 feet than it is to 20, and in many situations, you don’t even have to go that high. It all depends on cover, terrain, and the wind.

Are deer scared of ground blinds?

Unlike a treestand, however, a ground blind will draw a deer’s immediate attention. They’ll even avoid it for a few days after it’s placed. But don’t be deterred. … Within a week or so, deer accept it as part of their habitat.

Is hunting from the ground dangerous?

Any big game is dangerous from the ground at close range. They are wild and un-predictable. A wounded animal is A LOT more dangerous then a hungry animal.

Can you deer hunt without a tree stand?

Truth is, simple and unencumbered ground stand hunting can be as effective as using treestands placed at nosebleed elevations. Consider the record of bowhunter John Christainer, who has taken nearly 30 whitetails while hunting from the ground, including trophy-class bucks.

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