Can you hunt with a black shotgun?

They both work fine for hunting. You need to buy what you will feel better with. It’s all about personal choice.

Can you hunt turkey with a black shotgun?

A black gun will be fine. Movement is what gives you away in the woods or swamp. I still use a wood and blue shotgun, I don’t even wear a facemask anymore for turkeys or ducks. Don’t move when they are looking, it is as simple as that.

Is a camo shotgun necessary?

It is absolutely necessary… i mean, if you don’t have a camo gun, you just don’t look as cool.

Does a turkey shotgun need to be camo?

No, it does not have to be camo.

Can ducks see black guns?

Re: black or camo? A black gun will stay looking good longer and the birds will not see it any easier than a camo gun if it is not moving around, they will see movement long before they see the color.

Do you need a camo gun for deer hunting?

no it doesn’t have to be camo. If you do want to camo the gun, use camo tape..which can only help..

Does gun color matter for hunting?

jmr40 Member. Turkey, ducks and all birds see color much better than deer or most other big game. Camo is more important when hunting them, but I don’t really think you will be handicapped at all with your gun. I would avoid hunting with a gun with a shiny finish.

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Can Turkeys see your face?

Turkeys also have true color vision, as well as 180-degree peripheral vision. With just a slight turn of their head, they can see 360 degrees. … Facemasks slip over your head to conceal the shine from your nose and face, and even protect you from bugs. Some facemasks fit loosely, however, and can catch your bowstring.

What is the best all around Benelli shotgun?

The Benelli M2 field is the most versatile benelli by far. Good gun for waterfowl, upland, clays, and pop a mag extension on it and you have the most popular 3gun shotgun out there. There’s nothing an M2 can’t do well.

Which is better Remington or Mossberg?

Conclusion. Both the Remington & Mossberg are super popular and reliable pump action shotguns. Mossberg has the ambidextrous safety, double-extractor, nicer shell lifter, tons of upgrades, and is used by the military. While Remington has the smoother action, steel receiver, and better pistol grip setup.

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