Can you duck hunt Onondaga Lake?

Duck hunting on the lake is legal, according to the state Attorney General’s office. Duck hunting is legal on Onondaga Lake. That’s the opinion of the state’s Attorney General’s office, regarding the recent flap over duck hunters locating on the east side of the lake, near Onondaga Lake Park.

Where can I duck hunt in NY?

Duck Hunting in New York State: Take a Friend!

  • Bear Swamp State Forest.
  • Rogers Island WMA.
  • Braddock Bay WMA.
  • Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge (note special waterfowl hunting regulations here)
  • Poultney River Preserve.

Can you duck hunt in NY?

Season Zones: Most waterfowl seasons in New York state are set based on five waterfowl hunting zones that have been approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

News for 2021-2022:

Species Snow Geesee
Northeast Oct. 1 – Apr. 15
Lake Champlain a Oct. 1 – Dec. 31 Jan. 16 – Apr. 15
Southeast Oct. 1 – Apr. 15

Can you duck hunt Lake Anahuac?

Waterfowl hunting is permitted in designated areas which encompass majority of the East Unit and Middleton Tract, as well as the Pace Tract. Units can be accessed by foot or by boat.

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Where is the best place to duck hunt in NC?

Most of North Carolina’s top public duck-hunting waters are in coastal counties. Most of North Carolina’s top public duck-hunting waters are in coastal counties.

How many geese can you kill a day?

23/day, which may include: 20 white geese, 3 dark geese. Possession limit triple the daily bag.

2021-2022 Regulations.

AREA Southern California Zone
SPECIES Same as regular season
SEASONS Oct 23 – Jan 31 & Feb 5 – 6, Feb – 19 – 20, Feb 26 – 27
DAILY BAG & POSSESSION LIMITS 3/day, possession limit 9

Can you shoot ducks on the water in New York?

With that rule of thumb in mind, New York’s Environmental Conservation Law recognizes and specifies that when hunting waterfowl and shooting over water, discharge of firearms within 500 feet of a dwelling is allowed.

How far can you shoot ducks?

For most shooters, the maximum effective range with a shotgun is between 35 and 40 yards. At that range, most nontoxic loads are lethal and effective, and the proximity doesn’t require the same skill with a shotgun that longer shots demand.

Can you shoot a duck on the water in NC?

29, 2021 & Dec 18, 2021 – Jan 31, 2022 – Sea ducks can be taken anywhere. Hunters should remember that the special sea duck limit applies when hunting in the special sea duck area and the general bag limit applies when hunting in all other areas.

Is NC good for duck hunting?

Duck Hunting Nation Knowledge

North Carolina waterfowlers shot more than 232,000 ducks in 2019-’20, including more than 100,000 wood ducks. … The state also has ample public land on which to hunt, including many managed waterfowl impoundments and special-permit areas on state game lands in the coastal region.

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