Are black bears native to Indiana?

This is Indiana’s fourth confirmed black bear. Before 2015, when one was spotted in northern Indiana, the state’s last confirmed black bear sighting was in 1871. VANDERBURGH COUNTY, Ind.

What type of bears live in Indiana?

Black bears are native to Indiana and are listed as a species of special concern. They are protected under Indiana Code 312-9.3-18.8.

Are there any black bears in Indiana?

According to the DNR, there have only been a handful of confirmed bear sightings in Indiana over the past 150 years. Conservation officers said this is now the fourth confirmed black bear sighting in Indiana in recent years. DNR says black bears are rarely aggressive toward humans.

Are there black bears in Hoosier National Forest?

Since 2015, Indiana DNR has confirmed three black bears in the Hoosier state. … Bears can smell food from more than a mile away, so it’s important to secure food sources and discourage animals from associating humans and human dwellings with food. More information on black bears is at

What are the most dangerous animals in Indiana?

You’ll Want To Steer Clear Of The 8 Most Dangerous Animals Found In Indiana

  • The black widow spider. Ben Collins/Flickr. …
  • The timber rattlesnake. Douglas Mills/Flickr. …
  • The copperhead snake. Mark Dumont/Flickr. …
  • The brown recluse spider. …
  • The eastern massasauga rattlesnake. …
  • The western cottonmouth snake. …
  • The kissing bug. …
  • Deer.
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Can I own a bear in Indiana?

In Indiana, a person can own just about any animal as a pet, from skunks or raccoons, to foxes, cougars and even lions. … Indiana’s rules are more lenient than most surrounding states. For example, Kentucky prohibits ownership of nearly all “dangerous wildlife,” such as big cats, crocodilians and bears.

Are there any elk in Indiana?

Elk, or wapiti, have not lived in the wild in Indiana since the 1830s, but elk farming has emerged in recent years. … A number of elk farms operate in the state, including one in Steuben County.

Are there grizzly bears in Indiana?

Are there bears in Indiana? … There aren’t any Grizzly Bears but the last reported Black Bear sighting was in 2018 near New Albany in southern Indiana.

Is Dire bear Real?

The popular show ‘Game of Thrones’ brought the fictional ‘direwolf’ to the screen, depicting them as intimidating beasts. But humans living in ice age North America had to deal with the real thing. Dire wolves (Canis dirus) were a canine species that hunted the plains and forests.

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