Are black bears in Connecticut dangerous?

Black bears are generally shy and secretive and usually fearful of humans. However, if they regularly find food near houses and areas of human activity, they can lose their fear of humans. Unlike grizzly bears, black bears are seldom aggressive toward humans.

Are black bears usually aggressive?

Black bears, for instance, are usually less aggressive and more tolerant of people. They often live near human settlements, whereas grizzly bears prefer to stay away from human settlements and are often extirpated from heavily used or populated areas. Black bears are excellent climbers.

Is it illegal to kill a black bear in CT?

It is illegal to hunt or trap bears in Connecticut (Conn. Agency Regs. § 26-66-3(f)). … A farmer or farm worker may legally pursue, trap, and kill a bear that injures any property on land used for agriculture (CGS § 26-72).

Are there grizzly bears in Connecticut?

In the wake of the brutal – and quite rare — grizzly bear attack at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming this week, it might be reassuring to readers that there are no grizzly bears in the woods of Connecticut or New York State.

Will bears eat dogs?

While a black bear is capable of seriously maiming or killing a dog or human, s/he is more likely to run up a tree, or to run her cubs up a tree, to avoid an encounter. Grizzlies are more likely to stand their ground and defend themselves; they are not good climbers.

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