Bottom of the sea
The bottom of the sea

We camped at the Dunes of St Marguerite, an area between the L’Aber Benoit and l’Aber Wrac’h in Finistère. Finistère or Penn-ar-Bed in Breton is a département of France, located in Brittany (Breizh in Breton and Bretagne in French). Brittany has the highest tides in Europe. The sea advances and retreats twice a day. When the moon is above the sea, it attracts the water towards it, the sea level rises and the tide comes in. Six hours later, the moon is no longer above the sea and the tide goes out.

At low tide the little egrets would come to forage, either on the shore like the Little Fisherman, or in the shallow pools as you can see here. They would stay for hours, feeding on little fish and crustaceans.
Little egret

I managed to get a little closer and take a few photo’s with my 100 – 400 lens. It was blowing quite hard though and I was having trouble keeping it still, as you can see here. (The tripod was back at the tent, where it lay gathering dust – as always)

Little egret

This one turned out nice and sharp. Dinner for two.

Little egret III

Yellow feet

Feathers ruffled in the wind.

Blowing away


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