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Sleepy Head

Vlieland | Augustus 2010, originally uploaded by gwendolen.

This herring gull was our neighbour when we camped at Stortemelk on the island of Vlieland.
It would spend hours and hours on top of this lamp post, checking out food opportunities.

Looks like he had a late night out.

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Common Pheasant

Common Pheasant

I took this photo from our tent. We were camping on the island of Vlieland. This beautiful young male would wake us up every morning – usually just before 6 a.m. Argh. After a cold and cloudy start, Saturday started with a blue sky. 🙂


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Dancing Jackdaw | BPW #40

While we were waiting for the ferry to take us from Vlieland to Harlingen, I spotted this Jackdaw on a ridge of the levee in the harbour. At first I thought it was taking a dust bath, but there wasn’t really any dust. So maybe it was dancing.

You broke my heart, cauze I couldnt dance
You didnt want me around
Well now Im back to let you know
I can really shake em down

Jackdaw (Corvus monedula)




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