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Warming up in Kruger (2.2)

After a quick stop at Tshokwane – we didn’t hang around as the shop & restaurant were still closed – we continued on our journey north.


We couldn’t get over the greenness of Kruger National Park in Summer.  We usually visit in July/August when everything is bleak and bare and dusty. Even the elephants are grey and dusty in Winter.

African Elephant

We were both having trouble keeping our eyes open, still very tired from travelling and all the drama before that. Just before I fell asleep on the steering wheel, we spotted a pair of lions in the bush. Well actually we first saw the mini traffic jam and then spotted the lions causing it. Anyway, it woke us up again and we made it to Satara.

I don’t know whose idea it was to open the Coffee bars at Skukuza and Satara, but he/she deserves a statue. Right there on the Satara grass. After a life-saving cappuccino (and a toasted sandwich) we hit the road again. The plan was to have lunch at Letaba and then drive the last bit to Mopani.

We spotted a group of ostriches on the way. We didn’t see much, because we were now travelling during the hottest part of the day. When we arrived at Olifants River Bridge, we got out of the car to stretch our legs and almost got wacked off our feet by the heat. It must have been at least 10℃ hotter than in Satara. We enjoyed the view and the hot wind for a bit and then set off to Letaba where lunch was waiting.

Letaba restaurant

Squirrel at Letaba

This little guy was having lunch too. It was great to be back in Letaba and enjoy the wonderful view at the restaurant.  We felt almost human after our meal and were ready to drive the last stretch so we could collapse at our Mopani bungalow.

 Braai Mopani

Which was exactly what we did after braai & beer 😉

Warming up in Kruger (2.1)

We woke up early on Thursday the 23rd. Even though we were still quite tired, we had a long drive ahead (Mopani) and wanted to get an early start. The weather was lovely and we left Skukuza with great expectations 😉
Our first full day in the park … what would we see?

Would we see sable, leopard in tree, lion …?

Sable Antelope

Sable Antelope


Leopard in Tree


… uhm … yes.

We came across the herd of Sable Antelope on the H1-2, about 45 minutes after we left Skukuza. I think there must have been around 15 antelope in the herd. There were quite a few young ones too. I was mega excited about this super sighting and clicked away.  But they stayed in the bush, so I couldn’t get a clear shot. Not to worry, we got to see the elusive Sable Antelope again. Yay.

Several cars whizzed by, unaware of the uniqueness of this sighting. Just as we were about to drive on, we were flagged down by kindred spirits who told us about the leopard in tree a few kilos further on. Our smiles got even bigger and we drove on, windows open, enjoying the lovely weather, bird sounds and cool African breeze until we spotted 5 cars on the side of the road. Yep. LIT. (leopard in tree)

Leopard in Tree

We stayed with the lazy leopard for about 15 minutes, and then drove on towards our first pit stop of the day: Tshokwane Picnic Spot, where we arrived at 7 for a quick stop and stretch.

.. to be continued ..