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Little egrets | BPW #48

We camped at the Dunes of St Marguerite, an area between the L’Aber Benoit and l’Aber Wrac’h in Finistère. Finistère or Penn-ar-Bed in Breton is a département of France, located in Brittany (Breizh in Breton and Bretagne in French). Brittany has the highest tides in Europe. The sea advances and retreats twice a day. When…

Little fisherman

This little egret spent hours fishing in the surf. I’m sorting through my holiday photos at the moment – and unpacking and washing. More photos and stories this weekend.

Aigrette garzette

View large Quick post from Brittany: Last night’s storm blew itself out and the sun came out this morning, so at low tide we went for a walk on the beach of the Dunes de Sainte Marguerite. Apart from the gulls we saw quite a few little egrets. I’ll go back with the big lens…