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Bateleurs with kill at Kruger National Park

This Bateleur landed on the road behind us. We turned around to make a few photos. This is a different bird, but a nice close-up of a juvenile Bateleur.

Warming up in Kruger | Bateleur

So, here we are at Bateleur Bush Camp. It’s a tiny camp, in the middle of nowhere. It’s also bone dry and hot. At check-in we meet the charming and much appraised Lazarus Lekhuleni, Bateleur’s Hospitality Manager. Lazarus shows us to our bungalow, whilst giving us the latest news and the best spot for cell…

Warming up in Kruger | Unexpected sightings

We leave Sirheni Bush Camp at the crack of dawn. We’re off to Bateleur Bush Camp, but taking the long way – via Letaba Rest Camp – because we need the ATM machine there. Maybe one day, the little ATM machines at the park’s shops will be sophisticated enough to accept foreign bank cards. Until then, we…