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Warming up in Kruger | Au revoir

The next morning we visited Lake Panic to do some bird watching. It was quite busy at the hide, but we managed to squeeze in and get a spot.




Me fooling around trying to capture a dragonfly


After that we drove around for a bit and saw a Bateleur, elephants, piggies, more piggies and a Widow bird. Back at Skukuza we met some old friends for lunch and were treated on a lovely sighting just in front of us: A baby hippo.


It even came out of the water later that afternoon and ran up and down the river bank 🙂

That evening we had drinks on the deck overlooking the river and watched a herd of buffalo peacefully munching away on the other side. Can’t think of a better way to spend a last evening in the park.

Goodbye Kruger National Park. See you soon!


Birdwatching at Lake Panic

Lake Panic Bird Hide is a lovely lazy way to watch wildlife in Kruger National Park. You’ll get great views of hippos and crocs, bushbuck often visit and some people have been lucky enough to see leopard from the hide. Just sit back, relax and watch the herons, jacanas, thick-knees, kingfishers, ducks, cormorants, weaver birds, dragonflies and damsels pass by. Some even pose for the camera.

Goliath Heron

Goliath Heron

African Jacana, Lake Panic, Kruger National Park

Juvenile African Jacana

It just spotted a little snack on the lily.

Pied Kingfisher, Lake Panic, Kruger National Park

Pied Kingfishers, juvenile and adult

If you would like to see more photos taken in Lake Panic, there’s a lovely Flickr Group Lake Panic (Kruger National Park) run by Gerda & Willie who are fantastic wildlife photographers.

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