Birds and big lizards of Curaçao

Cow parsley

The coast

Hide and seek

The coast

The Northsea coast. We will be visiting soon again. I haven’t had a decent walk on the beach for ages.

Our wild chickens

Common pheasant

Common pheasant

A small group of two females and one male pheasant live in and around our garden. They forage for food in our wildflower garden, which we cut as you can see. The pheasants are pretty skittish. They move off as soon as we set a foot outside.


Great egret (Ardea alba)

Just as I stepped outside, this Great egret flew over. I was just in time to snap a photo. There are dozens of them in the surrounding meadows in the region of Bellingwolde. I think they forage for mice there.

A Wildlife-Friendly Garden

European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus)

We love our wildlife-friendly garden and are planning a big pond to make it even more attractive to all sorts of animals and insects, like dragonflies, amphibians, birds and small mammals like hedgehogs, weasels and stoats. We didn’t actually have the neighbourhood deer on our minds, until we found their tracks and droppings in our garden.

According to Wikipedia they feed on grass, leaves, berries, and young shoots. Not too alarming. Then I read the Dutch page. It lists most of my garden, including my veggie garden, my herbs, roses and tulips. Great.

Well, seems we are on the right track for a wildlife-friendly garden.