Birds and big lizards of Curaçao

Lots of lifers

I spent a week’s holiday in beautiful Curaçao and spotted lots of birds I’d never seen before, like magnificent frigatebirds, bare-eyed pigeons, troupials, bananaquits and yellow warblers.

Bare-eyed pigeon at Papagao beach, Curaçao

Bare-eyed pigeon at Papagayo beach, Curaçao

My bird list

Other birds my friends and I spotted were: yellow oriole, blue-tailed emerald, green heron, little egret, grey kingbird, tropical mockingbird, Caribbean flamingo, common ground-dove, great blue heron, tricoloured heron, white faced dove, brown-throated parakeet, ruddy turnstone, rufous-collared sparrow capensis, cara cara, Carib grackle and brown pelican.

Big lizards of Curaçao

We also got to see the impressive green iguana. This photo was taken at Mango beach.

green iguana curaçao

Green iguana

Iguana’s are also known as ‘boomkip’, which means tree chicken, because they taste like chicken. Iguana stew is a local dish.

Warming up in Kruger | Au revoir

The next morning we visited Lake Panic to do some bird watching. It was quite busy at the hide, but we managed to squeeze in and get a spot.




Me fooling around trying to capture a dragonfly


After that we drove around for a bit and saw a Bateleur, elephants, piggies, more piggies and a Widow bird. Back at Skukuza we met some old friends for lunch and were treated on a lovely sighting just in front of us: A baby hippo.


It even came out of the water later that afternoon and ran up and down the river bank 🙂

That evening we had drinks on the deck overlooking the river and watched a herd of buffalo peacefully munching away on the other side. Can’t think of a better way to spend a last evening in the park.

Goodbye Kruger National Park. See you soon!