Frog legs

Green frog

Green Frog

Last Saturday we had family over for the day, so we visited the Tea museum in Houwerzijl. I’m not much of a tea drinker, so I got bored after about 2,5 minutes. The gardens were a lot more interesting. They had a pond with lovely lilies and a green frog. 🙂

Green frog

Green Frog & Lily

I don’t really know a lot about frogs, so I wandered over to Wikipedia, which is always my first stop when looking for (any kind of) info. I decided this had to be a Green Frog. But which one? There are three species of Green Frogs: the Marsh Frog, the Pool Frog and the Edible Frog. Eh, yes it really is called Edible Frog. The Edible Frog is a hybrid of the Pool and Marsh Frog.

Green frog

Marsh Frog or Edible Frog?

I think this froggie is probably a Marsh Frog, because in the north of Groningen and Friesland they are the dominant species. It could be an Edible Frog too though, it’s hard to tell. Well, perhaps one could taste the difference.